ECHA-training may lead to a Certificate of Advanced Studies, Diploma of Advanced Studies or Master of advanced studies as detailed in the "ECHA Training: Basic Components and Conditions" document downloadable from HERE. ECHA training joins the disciplines psychology, pedagogy and educational science. Those, whose university  is interested in starting an ECHA Training should write to the chair of the Education Board, Prof. Christian Fischer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Aim of the training is to enlarge knowledge in the area of recognizing and supporting gifted children and adolescents. The training has a scientific base but is geared to practical situations, in and outside school. This means that, working with concrete, practical educational situations, we will always use scientific methods of research, description and evaluation. During the course practice will be proved, based on scientific theories about the subject.

After this training, participants have knowledge about scientific developments in the area of giftedness and gifted education. They have knowledge about international theories for assessment and counseling concerning giftedness, are able to relate practice with (inter)national theories and judge new projects and developments, based on thorough theoretical knowledge. They also will be familiar with many (inter)national examples of good practice in assessment, counseling and therapy, in and outside school. Finally, participants will be part of a (inter)national network of ECHA Specialists in Gifted Education.