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Encouraging the Gifted in the context of Migration and Intercultural Exchange
2 – 5 March, 2016
Vienna, Austria

Given the long tradition of education and migration in many European countries, the topics of multiculturalism and intercultural exchange are key priorities on the educational agenda, as well as being natural prerequisites for peaceful co-existence in the 21st century. Giftedness and high potential in a multicultural society is also a topic most relevant and of high interest all over Europe.

Talents and high abilities are equally distributed among all cultural, ethnic, religious and socio-economic groups. Therefore, potentials and abilities of children, youngsters and young adults with a migration background need to be specially advanced. Thus, the ECHA Conference 2016 focuses on the intercultural and multicultural awareness of educating the (highly) gifted.


save the date 2016page2The Institute TIBI and its partners are glad to invite you to this meeting in Vienna, March 2016. Only the contribution, cooperation and appreciation of the different cultural backgrounds can guarantee a prosperous social development. This attitude should find expression in various opportunities for personal meetings and in the exchange of content-related views of the conference participants.

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All ECHA members and interested participants are kindly asked to note the slightly unusual, agreed date of the meeting: March 2-5, 20216 (which was chosen to avoid overlapping with other related meetings in 2016).

All conference facilities are located in the historic city center of Vienna, which is well connected to the international airport and the main railway stations.


Andrea Pinz

Head of TIBI,
Institute for Talent Development and Innovation
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.