It is our great pleasure to welcome Ulrike Kempter as a new member of the ECHA General Committee!

After attending grammar school in Linz, Upper Austria, she went to study English and German at the University of Salzburg. She worked as a language teacher for 37 years, mainly with high school students. In the meantime she expanded her teaching experience by graduating in Personalized Pedagogy (according to the logotheraphy and existential analysis of Victor Frankl). In 1999 she received the diploma of an ECHA-specialist. Being introduced to Prof. George Betts (by Prof. F. Mönks) at a Münster Conference for the Gifted changed her work as a specialist in gifted education dramatically. She went to 7 Autonomous Learner Conferences in Estes Park and became a trainer of the Autonomous Learner Model. From 1999 on she started working at the University of Teacher Education part-time (mainly in the field of professionalizing teachers by giving courses) and the Austrian Center for Supporting the Gifted in Salzburg. After quitting school in 2009 she became a member of the Upper Austrian Center "Stiftung talente", where she is responsible for the organization of coaching gifted children and designing gifted support. Networking with experts from all over the work has led her to several international conferences. She said that "ECHA seems to be one of the most effective organizations in this domain, especially when it comes to training teachers as ECHA specialists which in return is THE possibility to give the gifted a chance to be recognized. Therefore I would feel honored to work for ECHA international."

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