It is our great pleasure to inform you that the European Talent Support Network became registered as an international NGO in the Netherlands. Congratulations, and great thanks to Albert Ziegler, Csilla Fuszek and all members of this excellent team to make this great step foward! Thanks to all ECHA members for their continuing support of ETSN since 2014! The two organizations are currently working out a memorandum of understanding about their cooperation, which -- as it was in the past -- will continue and develop in the future. Long live ECHA! Long live ETSN! Long live their cooperation!

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Institution name:

(As mentioned in ECHA's Articles

European Council for High Ability -- Its Study and Development (abbreviated as: ECHA


RSIN (Legal Entities & Partnerships Identification Number):

40146782 (The Netherlands)


Fiscal identification number of ECHA as charity

organization registered in The Netherlands:

8260 97 741


Visiting address and mail address: 

c/o Colm O'Reilly, Secretary of ECHA, Cente for Talented Youth, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland


The policy plan of ECHA: 

Please download the policy plan from HERE.


The purpose of ECHA:

See here ( and the summary below.

ECHA is organizing its annual conference each year (as a thematic conference each odd year and as an international conference each even year), publishing its semi-annual ECHA News magazine for its members, publishing its scientific journal, High Ability Studies ( by the help of Taylor & Francis, as well as qualifies ECHA Trainings ( and European Talent Centres


ECHA National Correspondents ( and the European Talent Support Network ( help the networking of ECHA.


The position of the directors as listed in the Articles of ECHA: 

President, vice-president, secretary and treasurer forming together the Executive Committee.


The names of the directors: 

See here (


The payment policy: 

There is no renumeration for the board, the management of the organization works on a voluntary basis. ECHA does not employ any personnel.


Activities Report: 

See here (


Financial statement:

See here



ECHA 2022

International ECHA Conferences were and remained biannual summits of European talent support in the last close to three decades. Every two years, the International ECHA conference brings together scientists and practitioners who are dedicated to the field of gifted education and talent support. On one hand, organizing an International ECHA Conference is a time-consuming and exhausting task. On the other hand, it is a rewarding, enriching and satisfying mission, which gives the possibility to you, the Organizer team, to show the world that your country and your organization stand up for the highly able people of all ages, and gives many long-term benefits. The General Committee of ECHA invites organizations involved in gifted education or help of highly able young people in Europe to submit their application to organize the 18th International ECHA Conference in September 2022. The Guidelines for an ECHA Conference can be downloaded from HERE (ECHA International Conference guidelines)

You should submit your application using the Application Form downloadable from HERE (ECHA International Conference proposal 2022) before the 15th of June 2019 by email to the Vice-President of ECHA, Prof. Albert Ziegler atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. By July 31st the ECHA General Committee will discuss the proposals, inform applicants about each others proposal, and the opinion of the General Committee about the proposals. Applicants will be able to withdraw or modify their application until September 10th. The General Committee will announce the time, organizer and venue of the 18th International ECHA Conference to the applicants and at the ECHA website by 30th September 2019. We look forward to receiving your proposal!

The deadline of abstract submission to the Dubrovnik ECHA Thematic Conference was extended until April 30th

It is our pleasure to announce that the abstract submission to the First Thematic ECHA Conference in Dubrovnik (16-18 October 2019) was extended until April 30th (24:00 CET). The website of the conference:

Please access the Abstract Submission form here

and the Registration form here:

See you at this important meeting!



It is our pleasure to announce that the General Committee of ECHA decided to organize the 2nd Thematic ECHA Conference in Budapest, Hungary.

The conference will feature the key topic of " Closing the achievement gaps in gifted education" and will take place between 25 and 27 March 2021. Please mark the event in your calendar!

It is our pleasure to announce that the the abstract submission and registration became open for the First Thematic ECHA Conference in Dubrovnik (16-18 October 2019). The website of the conference:

Please access the Abstract Submission form here

and the Registration form here:

 The abstract submission deadline is the 1st April 2019. See you in Dubrovnik!


ECHA tematic web

The Qualification Committee invites European or in case of Associated Centres non-European talent support organisations to submit their application to become a European or Associated European Talent Centre. [1]


A European Talent Centre should be an organisation, or a distinct part of a larger organisation, established for this role. European Talent Centres might organise activities in the field of high ability in a region or a country (meaning that there might be more than one European Talent Centre per European country, and applications may cover more than one country).


A Scoring Sheet that accompanies the application form can be downloaded from HERE. The Qualification Committee will evaluate your application by aggregating the scores as a whole. Applications will not be judged against each criteria separately. Successful proven past activity and potential future engagements in the field would be of key importance in this process. [2]    


Existing European Talent Centres will be re-evaluated every other year (i.e. in 2020, 2022 etc.) by the Qualification Committee of ECHA to ensure that they still fulfil the criteria. If the criteria are no longer fulfilled, the title of European Talent Centre may be suspended or withdrawn by the Committee.


Please complete the on-line Application Form by 30 November 2018. The Application Form will be sent to the Secretary of the Qualification Committee, Csilla Fuszek. Please email any queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




[1] The 2014 General Assembly of ECHA agreed that ECHA will support, regulate and guide the formation of a European Talent Support Network. European Talent Centres will form the hubs of this Network, while European Talent Points will be its nodes.

Aims and details of the European Talent Support Network can be found in the document downloadable from:

[2]  You can find more information on the results of the first round (2015) and the second round (2016).

I. Aim and scope of this Policy

1. This Data Protection Policy (in the followings: Policy) was prepared according to the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (GDPR). The Policy, effective from 25 May 2018, is published on, and its scope is unlimited. ECHA members registered at are informed about the Policy, and it is compulsory for all members to accept it before registration.

2. Data management starts when members register to become a member of ECHA and lasts until they membership will expire (usually one year).

II. Data management

3. Recorded and managed data of ECHA membership are the following: full name, an e-mail address, mailing address. Recorded email addresses are used for a.) contacting the members via e-mail sending ECHA's semi-annual newsletter and special announcements on e.g. ECHA elections and other key issues related to ECHA membership; recorded mailing addresses are used to post, annually, two hard copies of ECHA's scientific journal, High Ability Studies. ECHA members declare that they have reached the legal age by registering.

4. Data are not transferred anywhere by ECHA except for mailing the issues of High Ability Studies and compulsory cases defined by the law.

5. Data management is done by the Secretary of ECHA, Colm O'Reilly (hereinafter ’data manager’). His contact details are as follows: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (postal address: Centre for Talented Youth, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland).

III. Rights of registered members

6. Registered members may have information on their own held data upon request. Only the eight members of the ECHA General Committee ( have access to the data besides the data manager. They are not transferring these data anywhere, and use them only for ECHA's own purposes as listed in point 3.

7. Registered members may ask for information about their personal data’s management via the above e-mail address. They may ask for corrections to their data. The data manager must inform the member via e-mail within 30 days when the changes have been made.

8. Registered members may object if the management of their data has conflicted with the Policy, via the above e-mail address. The data manager answers the objection via e-mail within 15 days. In case a user does not agree with the decision, since ECHA is seated in the Netherlands, she/he may turn to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (


Accepted by the ECHA General Committee on 18th May 2018


An in-depth beginners guide to GDPR (updated for 2019) is available here:

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For membership issues and general information please contact the ECHA Secretariat by clicking HERE .

ECHA News appears twice a year giving in-depth interviews, description of best practices, introduction of ECHA members and highly able young people. For more information click HERE .

ECHA members receive ECHA News free as a pdf file to their email address. Back issues can be accessed in this web-site for ECHA members.

ECHA has a growing Facebook community. To join ECHA's Facebook group, please click HERE .

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