The increasing activity of ECHA led to the idea in recent discussions that besides the traditional, biannual International ECHA Conferences in each even year, the possibility should be opened to organize a smaller, more focused Thematic ECHA Conference in each odd year starting in 2019. If such a Thematic ECHA Conference would be announced with an attractive topic and venue, and with no overlap of other international meetings in the field of high ability in 2019, would you consider to attend? Please send us your response by clicking "YES" or "NO" at this website. (If you tick "Other", please send your comments. Please note that one IP address is allowed to vote only once.)

From more than 20 countries of Europe there is a large interest for becoming a European Talent Point. Submit your organization's application until the January 31st deadline! Applications for European Talent Point registration should be sent by filling in the Application Form.

The call for applications will reopen in early 2017.

Note that both the call and the application form is available in many European languages at the above website. Registered European Talent Points may participate in the cooperation of the European Talent Support Network, and will be listed in the European Talent Map. European Talent Points may become European Talent Centres, if they apply to the call of European Talent Centres (possibly open in March 2016), and they will be qualified by the respective qualification committee. Further questions on the application process may be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The English program of the 2016 ECHA Conference in Vienna between 2nd and 5th March 2016 was published (German version is also available). The deadline of early bird registration was extended until December 4! There were 345 accepted abstracts to this conference. Please note that the early bird registration will close on December 4th. Submit your registration today! Enjoy the special discount of ECHA members and apply for ECHA membership. Welcome in the ECHA Familiy and see you in Vienna!

In conjunction with the 15th ECHA Conference “Talents in motion”, that will be in Wien from the 2nd to the 5th of March (, in cooperation with the University of Genoa, Department of Political Science, the European Talent Center of Genoa (the Italian Association for Gifted and Talented students, will organize a European Youth Summit that will involve gifted students coming from different European countries.

The 2016 ECHA Conference will be in Vienna between 2 and 5 March ( The Conference has the major topics of migration and intercultural exchange. However, ALL contributions related to gifted education or talent support are most welcome! The speakers and registered contributors come from different fields (science, research and practice) and they also vary in their own cultural environment representing almost all European countries, USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Australia – and the list of countries is growing each day. Registration for ECHA members has a special discount and is available here. You may apply for an ECHA membership here.

Are you interested in presenting your own latest work, research or project at the conference? Abstract forms can be downloaded from here and should be sent to this email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please note that the deadline of the submission of abstracts was extended until October 31st!

The conference venue is located in the beautiful historical city center of Vienna and is just a minute walk away from St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Special arrangements with hotels in this area are made, so that conference participants are able to spend some budget-friendly days in Vienna (find more information about the accommodation online at:). Even though the conference program is fully booked with lectures, presentations, workshops, a river cruise on the Danube and a rich social program, Vienna offers a huge amount of cultural activities which we can highly recommend. On the conference website you can find more information about how to book, for example, a special tour through the impressive castle of Schönbrunn or a trip to the nearby cities Prague, Budapest and Bratislava. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Vienna!

The first 14 European Talent Centres received their certificates in the building of the European Parliament, and started the work of the European Talent Support Network on the 29th September. Here is a quote from the speech of Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport at the event:

“Talent is not something to be sought and nurtured only among those with high potential and limited to the world of science. On the contrary, it is about helping every pupil to make the most of his or her potential, supporting parents and teachers in identifying their qualities and help them seek personal fulfilment through what every single one of them does best. This is not an easy task. It might not even be possible in all cases. But we all need to keep reminding ourselves that this is one of the core missions of our education systems. And we need to act accordingly. And this last point is crucial because Europe needs talent to face some of its most pressing challenges. Talent will not solve all these challenges alone, but it will be part of the answer. And the European Talent Support Network will certainly help us in this endeavour.”

Please find the description of the European Talent Centres by clicking to this link: The Centres will issue a call to register European Talent Points before the end of the year. Please look to this web-site for details in the end of October, beginning of November. Thanks to the work of our web-master, Stefan Schmedt, the Talent Support Map of Europe was also published, and can be reached here: The Map now contains the description of the first 14 European Talent Centres, but by 2016 it will also contain all European Talent Points and additional European Talent Centres joining to the current 14 accredited in the first round in 2016.

zeljko rackiŽeljko Rački, Ph.D., Dipl. Psych
ECHA Specialist in Gifted Education
University of J.J. Strossmayer in Osijek
Faculty of Education
Cara Hadrijana 10, 31000 Osijek, Croatia
Office Tel.: +385-31-321-735
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mr. Željko Rački, Ph.D., ECHA Specialist in Gifted Education, is a licensed educational psychologist by the Croatian Psychological Chamber with fifteen years of work experience in the educational system, including primary schools and institutions of higher education. His fields of research interests include educational psychology, the psychology of creativity, and psychology of giftedness. He is employed at the Faculty of Education in Osijek, Croatia (Europe). As a psychologist, an educator, and a mentor, he is a member of the Croatian Psychological Chamber, the Croatian Psychological Society, and the European Council for High Ability (ECHA).

It is our pleasure to inform you that the ECHA Accreditation Committee completed its work and accredited the first European Talent Centres. The Committee received 28 high quality applications from 19 countries. Successful applications needed a score higher than the threshold of 70% of the maximum score. Scores were defined as shown in the scoring sheet published at the time of the call.
In the current first round the following 14 applicants from 13 countries have been accredited as European Talent Centres:

It is our pleasure to inform you that ECHA's Facebook was growing quite rapidly in the last months and now has more than 300 members. If you are interested in everyday news and posts in gifted education, talent support and ECHA activities, and you are on Facebook, please join here: Group membership is not restricted to ECHA members. In case you are not on Facebook, you will have a chance soon to enjoy personalized access to this web-page, which we will set up by the fall. Stay tuned! :)

ECHA received close to thirty applications for being a European Talent Centre from 18 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey), as well as even from Brasil. Thank you all, who had applied! Those, who missed this occasion, will have a chance to join the first Centres in early 2016. The Accrediation Committee will have its next session in mid-April, when they first oversee the applications, and will start their evaluation process. We will keep you updated on the progress.

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