The EGIFT project is and Erasmus+ funded project with the goal of helping educators in mainstream classrooms to provide appropriate educational opportunities for gifted students in their classes. To serve this goal we propose to increase the competency and skills of these educators through the use of an Open Educational Resource, or OER; and a number of training events taking place across Europe.

The OER will take the form of the High Ability Educators Portal. This will be an easy to use resource that will give educators interested in the field of Gifted Education a foundation in the field. It will be designed as a set of introductory interactive exercises cover five areas important within the field: Identification, Lived Experience of Gifted Students, Social and Emotional Wellbeing, Teaching Strategies, and Programme Design Principles. These strands will be further broken down into a series of one hour topics with some simple assessment and feedback linked to each topic.

Supporting the OER will be a series of training events, beginning in July 2017, aimed at mainstream educators who have an interest in the field. These training events will consist of five days of lectures and workshops, supported by material developed for the OER. It is hoped that educators who take part in these workshops will go on to advocate for the field in their own practice and introduce others to the OER and the field Gifted Education.

The future of this project is exciting, and our partners in developing it are some of the best in the field within Europe and beyond. We hope to see an increase in the attention paid to the field as a result and for those students with high ability to be better served educationally. Finally we hope to help those teachers in mainstream classrooms who may be facing the challenge of educating the brightest students without having had experience in the field before.

Participants of the project are:

  • Dublin City University, Ireland
  • Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen Nurnberg, Germany
  • Westfaelische Wilhems-Universitaet Muenster, Germany
  • Anatolia Association of Post-Secondary Education and Vocational Training, Greece
  • Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organisations, Hungary
  • Italian Association for GIfted and Talented Students, Italy
  • National Student Academy, Lithuania
  • University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Univerza V Ljubljani, Slovenia

Further info can be received from: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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