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(Note: One European Talent Centre can be established by more than one organization submitting a joint application.)

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The Centre:

  • should be able to provide high quality information on theoretical and practical issues of gifted education and talent support to potential European Talent Centres and potential European Talent Points, participate in discussions with other European Talent Centres and help the formulation of proposals and joint actions at European level;
  • should be willing and able to plan and coordinate joint actions and other support of highly able young people (i.e. regional, national, international events, Talent Days, young musicians’ competitions, young scientists competitions, Olympics of the Mind, etc.);
  • should be willing and able to develop training programmes for teachers and parents of gifted children and to coordinate potential research projects in this area;
  • can provide an overview and information on the talent support activities of its region including the registration, help and coordination of potential European Talent Centres and potential European Talent Points and to make this information available online (e.g. in form of a Talent Support Map of the region);
  • should be willing to cooperate with other European Talent Centres in other countries and with e.g. ECHA and similar organisations e.g.: in setting up joint actions, submitting joint proposals and grant applications, discussing joint policies and guidelines in the field of high ability, etc.; is willing to help and influence decisions on regional, national and/or European policies in the field of high ability (e.g. by public relations activities, media influence, lobbying etc.);
  • is open to visits from representatives, experts, talented young people of other European Talent Centres or European Talent Points and
  • has the possibility to solicit financial means to realize the activities mentioned above.

The Accreditation Committee will evaluate your application by aggregating the scores of the above list of selection criteria as a whole. Applications will not be judged against each criteria separately. The scoring sheet can be downloaded from HERE. During the evaluation process the Accreditation committee may ask the applicants for some more specification. Applications will remain confidential and available only to members of the Accreditation Committee.

In the event of a submission from a member of the Accreditation Committee, they will not participate in the scoring of this application and an average of the other scores will be applied instead of their scores. The scoring threshold will be set by the Accreditation Committee evaluating the whole spectrum of applications.

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