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Eleonoor van GervenDrs. Eleonoor Van Gerven

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James Stewartstraat, 13 Almere 1325 JA The Netherlands

Drs. Eleonoor Van Gerven studied the history and philosophy of education (educational sciences) at Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands). She is the managing director of Slim! Educatief, a Dutch private teacher education institute at postgraduate level. Eleonoor van Gerven specialises in teacher education courses on educating able learners in an inclusive environment. She is a registered teacher educator at the Dutch Society for Teacher Educators. In her daily practice, she delivers short training courses for beginners in gifted education, masterclasses, and intensive advanced training courses for specialists in gifted education.

She developed for her own company two advanced education courses at post-master level: “Specialist in Gifted Education” (one-year course, 450 hours) and “Specialist in Dual and Multiple Exceptionality” (two-year course, 340 hours) both accredited and registered by the Dutch Society for Higher Education (Stichting Post-HBO Nederland). In 2018-2019, a new advanced teacher education course starts with the first cohort of students: “Educating able underachievers.” For these projects, she developed the competency matrix for Specialists in Gifted Education (2011). She also developed for Fontys Hogescholen their original Master EN programme on gifted education (2009).

Eleonoor has published (in Dutch) more than 15 books about educating able learners. Eleonoor van Gerven has over 25 years of experience in teacher education. During these 25 years, more than 4000 teachers have joined her courses and masterclasses. Eleonoor van Gerven has won a Mensa-award for a lifelong contribution to education in The Netherlands.