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elisabet mellrothElisabet Mellroth Specialist in Gifted Education
PhD student in Educational work
Department of Educational studies
Karlstad University
+46 (0)54-540 16 72
+46 (0)70-35 21 222

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Elisabet Mellroth is a doctoral student in educational work at Karlstad University, and her research is focused on giftedness in mathematics education. One important perspective in her work is to make sure that gifted pupils are included, both socially as well as pedagogically, in inclusive education. She leads professional development programs on gifted education for in-service teachers. In Sweden, as well as in other countries, she gives seminars and workshops on theories and methods in gifted education for student teachers, in-service teachers and school leaders. The National agency of education and other organizations has used her as an expert in giftedness, for example to give comments on reports or to participate in writing them. Elisabet is an upper secondary teacher in mathematics and chemistry and has an ECHA-diploma, Specialist in gifted education. The combination of her interest in giftedness and mathematics has resulted in that she initiated and runs math clubs and support national summer camps in mathematics for children. Find her researcherid and more about her on