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National Correspondent - Latin America

Peru-Sheyla-BlumenProf. Dr. Sheyla Blumen
146 Pasaje Prescott
San Isidro, Lima 27
Tel. +511 265 8652
Fax + 511 421 5871
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Sheyla Blumen is Full Professor of Psychology at the Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), she obtained her Ph.D. at Radboud University Nijmegen. Dr. Blumen was the recipient of the 2011 Multi-Nation Eisenhower Fellowship, the 2008 Templeton International Fellowship in Gifted Education, and the 2005 Global Development Network (GDN) Award for Young Researchers in Applied Education, among other recognitions received for her academic and professional work in Peru. Her research areas are related to Creativity, Gifted Talent Development, as well as ICT applied to human learning. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Revista de Psicología, and President of the Committee of Curriculum Design in Psychology at the PUCP. Director of Mente Futura Foundation, dedicated to support the gifted and talented at risk in Peru, she is the National Correspondent of Peru/Latin America to the European Council for High Ability, as well as the Peruvian Delegate to the Inter-American Society of Psychology.

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National Correspondent - Italy

italy-RoncoroniDr. Anna Maria Roncoroni
Via Maragliano 5/7
16121 Genova - Italy.
Phone: 00393498288893
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She is a Neuropsychologist and has Ph. D. in General Psychology. She is the founder and president of the Italian Association for Gifted and Talented Children. Since 2008, she is the Italian correspondent of ECHA and from September 2012 member of the General Committee of ECHA.

Since 2001, she has been the responsible of the Italian Gifted Children Programme of Mensa Italy. In 2013 she received the International Award for benefit to Society of the Mensa Education and Research Foundation for her work with gifted and talented students during the previous decade. All her professional career has been dedicated to gifted students: in particular she is an expert in cognitive evaluation and inside the association she is the responsible of the creation and organization of the events.

Her research activities are based on the study of intelligence and mathematical giftedness.

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National Correspondent - Hungary

Hungary-Csilla-FuszekCsilla Fuszek
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Csilla Fuszek worked for over 15 years as a teacher in primary, secondary and higher education.
Since 2000 she has focused and become specialized in the field of gifted and talented education. As a civil servant she worked for 7 years as a managing director of nationwide talent development programmes aimed at promoting equal opportunities to the disadvantaged strata of society.

From 2007 – 2011 she was the managing director of the Csányi Foundation which is one of the biggest civil education foundations focusing on talent support in Hungary.

She has been a lecturer at Eötvös Loránd University since 2008 and since 2009 she has been working for the Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organizations. Initially she was responsible for establishing international connections and for collecting best practices outside and inside Europe. More recently Csilla has become responsible for the newly formed European Talent Centre – Budapest.

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National Correspondent - Greece

Greece-Aikaterini-GariAikaterini D. Gari
University of Athens
Tel. +30 1 72 77 555
Fax +30 1 72 77 534
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Aikaterini Gari is Associate Professor of Social Psychology at the Department of Psychology, School of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Her main interests include attitudes and values, community well-being, socio-psychological dimensions of contemporary families and the Greek dual-career family, and social psychology of education issues such as the socio-psychological characteristics of children and adolescents with high abilities, identification processes, the school community members attitudes towards the gifted and talented and attitudes towards the gifted with learning difficulties.

She has coordinated, as programme director, many research projects financed by the University of Athens (1997-2009) and participated in various projects financed by the Greek Ministry of Education (1999-2008) as a member of the scientific committee. Since 2007, she is the Programme Director for Greece of the “European Value Study” (EVS) and since 2002, she is National Correspondent of the “European Council for High Ability” (ECHA). She has also been a member of the International Organizing Committee of the 8th Conference of the European Council for High Ability (ECHA), Rhodes, Greece, 9-13 October, 2002. She co-chaired, with Kostas Mylonas, the 18th International Congress of the “International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology”, on the isle of Spetses, 11-15 July 2006.

She is a full member of four international and three national psychological associations. She has published more than 40 papers, in peer reviewed books, international and Greek journals, and in congress proceedings.

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National Correspondent - Germany

Germany-Annette-HeinbokelDr. Annette Heinbokel, Dipl. Paed.
Bismarckstr. 100
28203 Bremen
+49 – 421 69675131
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Annette Heinbokel, PhD, Dipl. Paed., is a retired teacher. She was the driving force behind the founding of the German Association for Gifted Children (DGhK; 1978). While still teaching, enrichment was more important than acceleration, because that was what most of the parents and the children wanted. Her research, however, concerns mostly acceleration because from her experience - and research! - that it is a good option for children who lack challenge - if handled properly. She started a German website on the subject: www.netzwerk-akzeleration.de

From 1994-2006 she lectured on gifted education at the University of Osnabrück.

She is an honorary member of the DGhK, besides a member of the World Council for Gifted and Talentet Children (WCGTC; since 1977), ECHA (of course!) and the Arbeitskreis Begabungsforschung und Begabungsförderung (ABB). She has been the editor of ECHA News since 2004.

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National Correspondent - Finland

Finland-Risto-HotulainenRisto Hotulainen
University of Helsinki
P.O. Box 26 (Teollisuuskatu 23)
FI-00014 Helsinki
tel: +358-9-191 44683
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Risto Hotulainen, PhD, University Lecturer at the University of Helsinki. Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, Department of Teacher Education - Special Education.

Education and work experience: Master of Science from the University of Joensuu, Finland, 1994. Master of Educational Psychology from the University of Munich, Germany, 2000. Worked six years as a form teacher between the years 1993–2002. PhD. (Special Education) from the University of Joensuu, Finland, 2003. Since September 2004 he has worked as university lecturer.

Currently (2011–2014) working in the project “Think Science and Math” funded by the Finnish the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Board member of the Finnish national project (2008- ) run by the Finnish National Board of Education "Supporting talent and special strengths of learner.

His research interests are: attention, thinking skills, talent and expert development, self-concept, strengths, motivation, and self-worth.

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National Correspondent - Estonia

Estonia Viire SeppViire Sepp
Institute of Education
University of Tartu
Näituse 2
50409 Tartu
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Viire Sepp is visiting lecturer in gifted education at University of Tartu, actually she is acting as the head of departement of the Special Education of the Institute of Education. Considerable part of her professional career was assotiated with developing the Gifted and Talented Development Centre (nowadays Youth Academiy) of the University of Tartu. Since 2004 she has annually organised conferences and seminars on giftedness in Estonia. She has presented at dozens of national and international conferences and workshops, and is an acknowledged lecturer in teacher training courses. She has published numerous articles, book chapters and is the author of the handbook on giftedness and gifted children. She is the prize winner of educational publications and the National Award for Science Popularisation. In 2016 she initiated establishing nation wide compentence and information centre on giftedness and talent development – Estonian Talent Centre (ETC), and is member of Board of this NGO. Since Nov 2016 ETC is member of the European Talent Support Network.

Viire studied mathematics and psychology at the University of Tartu and has PhD in social sciences from Radboud University of Nijmegen (Netherlands). Her interests in research are academic Olympiads and motivational and personality factors of gifted children. She is the delegate of Estonia at the WCGTC. Her leisure hobbies are singing and the theatre.

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National Correspondent - England & Wales

England Johanna M. RaffanJohanna M. Raffan
NACE, National Centre
P.O. Box 242, Arnolds Way
Oxford 0X 29FR, UK
Tel. +44 1865 861879
Fax +44 1865 861880
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Johanna Raffan is a Trustee for the National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE), she is a founder member and a Past President. She had thirty four years experience of working in Nursery, Primary and Middle schools, and was a headteacher for twenty five years. She was a member of the ECHA Executive and Secretary for 8 years, and is now an Honorary Member. She is the UK delegate to the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children. Her experiences in the field of gifted education over 40 plus years has led her to lecture throughout the world and she was the Consultant for More Able and Talented education for five years to the Government of Madeira and ten years for the Government of Wales. She has written numerous articles, contributed chapters to a number of books and published materials for use by Able, Gifted and Talented pupils.

Johanna is a Fellow of The College of Teachers and is currently Vice President and Secretary, with particular responsibility for all the College's EU Projects

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Federation Councillor for Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland.

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National Correspondent - Denmark

Denmark-Ole-KyedDr. Ole Kyed
18 Caroline Amalievej
DK-2800 Lyngby
Tel. +45-21312141
Website: www.olekyed.dk
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Authorized psychologist 1977

1980 - 2016 deputy chief psychologist at the Municipality of Lyngby-Taarbaek, as well as private practice mainly for gifted and talented children for about 20 years.

1984-1990 board member of the Danish National Association for school psychologists

1986– 1988 functioned as psychologist at the Danish section of the International School in Brussels

1996 and 1997 – worked with inclusive education projects in Kenya and Nepal for Danida under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1998-2006 chairman of UNICEF Denmark.

2006-2012 member of the Danish National Council for Children.

From the 1990’es Danish delegate of ECHA and World Council for Gifted and Talented Children.

Author of several articles in Danish media about gifted children and gifted education in Danish schools.

Author, co-author and editor of 5 books in Danish, on gifted children and talents in school.

Ph Dr. Eva VondrákováCzech-Eva-Vondrakova
Bellusova 1827/53
15500 Praha 5
Tel. ++420 606 54 11 87 (mobil)
Skype: eva-vondrakova
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eva Vondráková is a psychologist, co-founder of the Czechoslovak ECHA branch (1989), president of the Association for Talent and Giftedness (Společnost pro talent a nadání – STaN). Author and co-author of projects: "Centre for the Development of Giftedness" (1990), the Mensa Gymnasium (1991), a system of the care for gifted children (1993, 2001) for the Ministry of Education. She lectures to teachers and students of education.

She organizes the STaN seminars as well as lectures for parents at her clubs for parents (and teachers) of gifted children. Her many activities and writings serve to popularise ECHA, WCGTC, NYEX, ICIE etc. and stress the importance of the development of potential in children. Her professional experience has been with counselling centres for school children and the resident school psychologist. At present she is a psychologist at the private Centrum Filip.

Chair of the local organizing committee of the 19.WCGTC conference in Prague (2011). Initiator and co-organizer of the 1st summer school for children (5-16) interested in science – realized in July 2012, in cooperation with GMK Bílovec (Mikulas Kopernik´s Grammar School near Ostrava). Since January 2012 chief of a group of experts and practicioners in GC education, invited for cooperation by the Ministry of Education.


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