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Finland-Risto-HotulainenRisto Hotulainen
University of Helsinki
P.O. Box 26 (Teollisuuskatu 23)
FI-00014 Helsinki
tel: +358-9-191 44683
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Risto Hotulainen, PhD, University Lecturer at the University of Helsinki. Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, Department of Teacher Education - Special Education.

Education and work experience: Master of Science from the University of Joensuu, Finland, 1994. Master of Educational Psychology from the University of Munich, Germany, 2000. Worked six years as a form teacher between the years 1993–2002. PhD. (Special Education) from the University of Joensuu, Finland, 2003. Since September 2004 he has worked as university lecturer.

Currently (2011–2014) working in the project “Think Science and Math” funded by the Finnish the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Board member of the Finnish national project (2008- ) run by the Finnish National Board of Education "Supporting talent and special strengths of learner.

His research interests are: attention, thinking skills, talent and expert development, self-concept, strengths, motivation, and self-worth.