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SwitzerlandSalomé Müller-Oppliger
Muttenzerstrasse 35
4127 Birsfelden
Tel: +41 313 3232
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After the teaching certificate (1983) and teaching for 20 years at the elementary school, Salomé Müller-Oppliger went back to study in the field of Gifted Education at the Neag Institute for the Gifted and Talented at University of Connecticut USA (Prof. Dr. Joseph Renzulli & Prof. Dr. Sally Reis), at the University of Education Northwestern Switzerland and at the University of Education in Vienna for her Master of Arts in Gifted Education and Talent Development. Together with Victor Mueller-Oppliger she built up the Master’s program on gifted education and talent development at the University Northwestern Switzerland (2003). She has been working as a professor in the field of gifted education with highly gifted children ever since and also at the University of Northwestern Switzerland with students and teachers. She is specialized in the diagnostic of gifted children and the counseling of their parents and schools. Salomé is also a lecturer and mentor for students at the teacher training college and holds seminars in didactic and methods of differentiation and collaborated learning. She helps schools to implement gifted education in their programs, holds workshops and seminars all over Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Being a member of the eVOCATIOn program in Germany, Austria and Switzerland she is also responsible for the courses in the pedagogical diagnostic and the implementing of gifted education at different schools and colleges in those countries. Since 2007 Salomé has been Swiss Delegate from the Worldcouncil for Gifted and Talented Children.