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Albert Ziegler was elected to be the new Vice-President and Colm O'Reilly (as a new member of the General Committee) the new Secretary of ECHA. Christian Fischer will remain an invited member of the ECHA General Committee after the term of the current Committee expires on September 14th, as the newly elected chair of the ECHA Education Board (members of the Board are: Ulrike Kempter, Lianne Hoogeveen, Victor Mueller and Szilvia Péter-Szarka). Lianne Hoogeveen became an Honorary Member of ECHA for her great help as an ECHA Secretary for 4 years. Lianne remained the member of the ECHA General Committee. Peter Csermely was re-elected as president of ECHA, Tessa Kieboom was re-elected to be the ECHA Treasurer, similarly to Margaret Sutherland and Anna Maria Roncoroni, who were re-elected as members of the General Committee. The ECHA Qualification Committee has two new members (besides Lianne Hoogeveen, Margaret Sutherland, Christian Fischer, as well as Csilla Fuszek and Colm O'Reilly, whose mandate was extended by 4 years), Ugur Sak and Brone Narkeviciene. ECHA has two new auditors, Mariska Poelman and Laili Sakieva. Congratulations and a great thanks to all for their help!