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The first 14 European Talent Centres received their certificates in the building of the European Parliament, and started the work of the European Talent Support Network on the 29th September. Here is a quote from the speech of Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport at the event:

“Talent is not something to be sought and nurtured only among those with high potential and limited to the world of science. On the contrary, it is about helping every pupil to make the most of his or her potential, supporting parents and teachers in identifying their qualities and help them seek personal fulfilment through what every single one of them does best. This is not an easy task. It might not even be possible in all cases. But we all need to keep reminding ourselves that this is one of the core missions of our education systems. And we need to act accordingly. And this last point is crucial because Europe needs talent to face some of its most pressing challenges. Talent will not solve all these challenges alone, but it will be part of the answer. And the European Talent Support Network will certainly help us in this endeavour.”

Please find the description of the European Talent Centres by clicking to this link: The Centres will issue a call to register European Talent Points before the end of the year. Please look to this web-site for details in the end of October, beginning of November. Thanks to the work of our web-master, Stefan Schmedt, the Talent Support Map of Europe was also published, and can be reached here: The Map now contains the description of the first 14 European Talent Centres, but by 2016 it will also contain all European Talent Points and additional European Talent Centres joining to the current 14 accredited in the first round in 2016.